Green Awards

International Conference on Geotechnical Challenges in Mining, Tunneling & Underground Structures

ICGMTU- 2021

Ccategories of Green Award

Best Environmental Practices Award

This award is given to recognize efforts of a mining organization towards sustainable
and innovative business practices implemented in the industry for optimizing the usage of resources, implementation of improvised technology, protecting environment, optimizing energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprint

Best Green Neighborhood Award

This award is given to recognize the efforts of a mine organization in contributing
towards creating green neighborhood cover not limited to the operational units,
Plantation drive and creating green spaces just next to their business areas creating
awareness in the society towards increase in green spaces. The efforts undertaken to
reduce the carbon footprints are most welcome.

Best Community Practices Award

To encourage the leaders to forge ahead and pull up the followers to do better in community development. This award is given to the organsiations that have made positive impact on the community where they operate through their innovative and sustainable CSR initiatives. Contribution should help in providing health, education safe drinking water, sanitation, agriculture development, women and child development, skill development, and/or essential services to the communities where it operates. There should be a focus on implementing the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Three awards in each category

🥇 Platinum

🥈 Gold

🥉 Silver

Criteria for Selection

Best Mine Environmental Practices Award

Demonstrably operating in compliance with all operating permits and best practice, relates to compliance with all the applicable laws, Acts and Regulatory requirements.

Mining rehabilitation activities during both operation and plans for closure, steps
undertaken by the mine for progressive reclamation of the mined out lands.

Measures for health & safety and environment protection, implementation of improvised technology for effective environmental management and effectiveness of these environmental management measures.

Waste reduction, processing and management, particularly oftailings ponds
Optimization of usage of resources energy,fuel andwater and its conservation, Initiatives taken for reducing water and energy consumption in the mines and associated Plants.

Steps towards reducing the environmental footprint of the mine Outline.

Best Green Neighborhood Award

Reclamation and rehabilitation measures undertaken, Green belts developed,
planation carried out till date and plans for eventual mine closure, measures
undertaken towards the survival and protection of green belts.

Measures taken in reducing environmental impacts of the mining activities on the
immediate local community.

Efforts towards creating the green spaces, like parks, garden or green amenities
useful for the locals, initiatives towards the reduction of GHG emissions.

Initiatives taken for promoting environmental and health awareness in local community.

Open dialogue with the local community, ideally alsowith visitstoMine sites.

Best Community Practices Award

Providing and assisting local community in education and skill development.

Providing health facilities in and around business units, particularly for women.

Providing safe drinking water, sanitation and support to agriculture development

Efforts in uplifting social status of the weaker community in and around project.

Providing employment to local community.

Creating business opportunitiesforthe local community.

Terms and Conditions

All completed applications to be sent to Mr. Gajanan Karkare – Joint Convener ( on or before 7th Dec’2021

Per mine at least one person to register for the conference and Pay conference fees

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