Geotechnical inputs play a critical role in the planning, designing and excavation of mines, tunnels and other sub-terranean facilities. In order to meet the everincreasing demand of the market, large mining projects are being planned and executed in diverse and  challenging conditions. Tunnels are being constructed to meet the requirements of diverse disciplines such as irrigation, transportation, etc., At present large number of tunnelling projects are ongoing in different parts of the globe to create more efficient facilities for humanity. Prime amongst them being metros, hydel power projects etc., Given the tough geo-conditions, where these projects are being executed, Geotechnical Engineers face challenges of unknown dimensions. Likewise, large infrastructure projects that are on going  along with tunnels e.g., pipelines, hydel power projects, large sub-terranean storage facilities (for storage of inflammable liquids such as petroleum products and by-products),  defence applications, etc.

A methodical, clear and precise planning is essential, beginning with site selection, for the successful completion of such projects. An astute knowledge base of  geotechnical aspects is not only essential, but integral for project success, also. This requires the exploration and detailed investigation, beginning from conventional  borehole logging to Geophysical exploration, including deployment of several recent technologies. The knowledge and technical awareness of geotechnical  parameters is necessary at every stage from planning, excavation methodology, equipment selection to the actual process of excavation, transportation, damage  prediction, assessment & control, design of supports and instrumentation. With the advent of modern technologies of investigation, sensor networks and intelligent  applications, it is evident that the data generated will be more reliable and answer certain issues that have eluded geotechnical engineers over a while. There is a strong need for bringing such technologies and their applications on one forum, in order to share the experiences with modern methods used to solve geotechnical  issues in underground excavations. In line with the above, this conference intends to focus on all such aspects along with the latest technology being implemented 
including AI & ML applications.

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